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I spent most of last year polishing these tracks and am happy to finally let them out into the world! This EP ranges across glitch hop, future bass, electro pop, and hip hop. Let me know what you think and thanks for listening!


released February 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Invincible Magic Fist Cupertino, California

Invincible Magic Fist creates electronic journeys of sound. IMF is influenced by artists such as The Glitch Mob, Hybrid, BT, Imogen Heap, and the Postal Service.

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Track Name: Hypersomnolence
If the sun is shining tell me why the city’s so cold
Like I’m watching in slow motion I can feel it unfold
Everything I ever wanted falling apart
Just like that, leaving only a background of stark emptiness
I know there’s others out there got it much worse
But I can’t keep on pretending, no I can’t deny it hurts
And I know every one of us has got our own challenges
But I can’t see the benefits that balance out the damages

Doesn’t really matter why
Things turned out this way
Just want lay down and close my eyes
I’m just trying to be ok

Doing everything I can to stay under control
But the pain in my chest is a crushing black hole
Eating all of the light, surrounded by empty space
Taking all my breath away and leaving only traces of
Memories of good times and a life that used to be
Visions of my future disappearing so that I can’t see
And time heals all wounds I heard someone said
But I’m having trouble hearing over voices in my head

Breathing in
Just let me be now
Breathing out
I set you free now

Tell me what is it about desire denied
A tornado of emotions that I keep locked up inside
I know things don’t always go the way that you plan
But why is disappointment something I can’t stand
and after all this I know it’s nobody’s fault
I had this little monster right inside me from the start
I pray the truth is out there and I’m struggling to see
I gotta keep on fighting to find something to believe in
Track Name: Good Night, Little Monster
Good night, little monster
Rest your thoughts, quiet your mind
You don’t have to scream and fight
Everything will be alright, you’ll see

I know you feel so sad
But you know it’s not so bad
Close your eyes and see a new day in the morning